Help Your Loved Ones Make Safe Auto Choices

Many of us have loved ones, young and old, that one day will be asking us for car buying advice. There are so many choices out there that for either group car buying can be overwhelming, and everyone involved might get carried away with wants over needs. Drivers of any age need cars with good safety features and crashworthiness, but we’ve rounded up a few additional considerations for these specific buyers.

Teenagers may want flashy, fast cars, but what they need are reasonable cars that have good test results and numerous safety features.

Senior citizens may not be looking for flash or speed, but they still may be looking at the wrong cars for their needs. Maybe they aren’t aware of new brands or models that have more conveniences for their age-specific needs.

Considerations for a teenager’s first car

A common opinion is to give a teenager the biggest car possible so they will be the safest person on the road. While size is a consideration, bigger isn’t alway better.

Large vehicles can be more difficult to control, have more blind spots, or just feel bulkier and less comfortable to drive. Teenagers are the least experienced people on the road already, so driving a car they aren’t comfortable with can pose a problem. Give them a car they can handle well, with as many safety features as possible.

This may mean getting your teenager a newer car, rather than handing down an old one. Or test driving a lot of cars to find one your teen is comfortable with. It can also mean not giving them a large SUV or pickup. Both these types of vehicles have high centers of gravity that make them more prone to roll. It probably goes without saying, but staying away from sports cars is another good idea. They tempt drivers to go fast and have a higher rate of accidents than other cars.

Here is a good starting point when shopping:

      • – A reasonably sized vehicle (sedan or crossover size)
      • – Good crash-test results
      • – A strong structure with high air bag capabilities.
      • – Additional safety features such as electronic stability control, ease of operation and rear cameras all can factor into a smart purchase.
      • – Minimal dashboard distractions for the driver

Useful tools for a mature driver

Like teens, older drivers may feel uncomfortable driving in certain situations, like weather-related or construction zones. For things like this, cars with newer technology can help them feel more comfortable with a safer drive.

In other instances, seniors may be opposite their teenage counterparts. Things like reaction speed or visibility may differ depending on the driver. In these instances, complicated controls on a car that someone might find beneficial could actually increase the chance of an accident.

When shopping for a car that fits this demographic best, think of the list we shared for teenagers, but also consider these things:

    • – A height that is easy for the driver to get in and out of
    • – Quick visibility in all directions
    • – Interior controls that are comfortable for the driver to manage
    • – Comfortable driving space

No matter what age is driving a car, safety and security on the road is of utmost importance. In addition to keeping your car insured, it’s important to do routine maintenance and fix any safety issues that may arise. At Liberty Savings we are here it help with all points of your vehicle; before, during and after purchase. Let us know if you have any questions about purchasing a new or used vehicle, if you’d like a free overview on pre-approval rates, or for more information on insurance and preventive maintenance plans.

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