Making the most of LibertyLink Online Banking

Whether checking your account balance before making a big purchase, or transferring emergency funds to your child when you’re on the go, electronic banking can be a real lifesaver. And it’s often as easy to use as it is practical.

Here’s a closer look at how to maximize your electronic banking experience with Liberty Savings.

Fight fraud

LibertyLink offers around-the-clock access to your checking account, making it a handy way to monitor your balance. You can make logging into your account part of your daily routine to review any recent activity. If you notice a transaction that you don’t remember, don’t waste any time–contact Liberty Savings immediately.

Stay on top of bills and payments

Another great benefit is the ability to make loan or VISA payments directly from your account. Consider signing up for direct deposit with your employer, which is the quickest way to receive your pay. Contact us to learn more about these services and how to set them up.

Use your phone to prevent overdraft

Overdraft fees are never a happy thing to see on your bank statement. The good news is that online banking can go a long way toward eliminating that pesky problem. If you’re thinking about making a purchase but aren’t sure if you have enough money, just whip out your smartphone and review your balance.

The bottom line

Online and mobile banking can help you maintain an overview of your finances. Just be sure to create unique passwords for each account, which will make it difficult for hackers to gain access to your sensitive data.

Whether you prefer to use a laptop, desktop or smartphone, make the most of your account by accessing LibertyLink Online Banking. You’ll be able to take care of tasks like transferring money and paying bills while also warding off fraudsters and avoiding overdraft fees.

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